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iPhones by the Gigabytes

25 October 2018

This chart shows the pricing and storage tiers of each new iPhone model, along with the price per gigabyte.

iPhone XRiPhone XSiPhone XS Max
64GB$749 • $11.70/GB$999 • $15.61/GB$1099 • $17.17/GB
128GB$799 • $6.24/GB
256GB$899 • $3.51/GB$1149 • $4.49/GB$1249 • $4.88/GB
512GB$1349 • $2.63/GB$1449 • $2.83/GB

The iPhone XR yields the best per-gigabyte value in the storage tiers it shares with the other two models. But the 512GB option of the iPhones XS and XS Max offers even more value.

Of course, few people actually need 512 gigabytes of storage in their phones, so this statistic doesn't apply to many potential buyers. As has been mentioned, the XR's 128GB option is really the perfect choice for most people, and it's surprising that the XS doesn't have it.

Uluroo may as well take a moment to object to the increasingly common misconception that the iPhone XR is this year's "budget" iPhone. It's not. It is priced higher than the iPhones 6, 6S, 7, and 8; and very similarly to the Plus variants of those models. The 2018 iPhone lineup is the most expensive it has ever been, from starting to maximum prices.

Complain though the naysayers inevitably will, this is not a problem.

The iPhone XR should not be seen as the cheaper alternative to the iPhones XS and XS Max; they should be seen as a more luxurious alternative to the XR. That the XR shipped later than its counterparts has contributed to the idea that it is the odd one out — the phone for people who couldn't afford the other options.

This is not the case. The iPhone XR is the default iPhone, not a step below the norm. The iPhones XS and XS Max, on the other hand, are the ultra-premium devices, not the standard models. They are a step up from the XR; the XR is not a step down from them. The iPhone XR is more than good enough for the majority of users.