New Analysis Tip: Everything is bad for Apple

4 July 2018

Okay, Uluroo understands that technology reporters have to write things and that rumors are a great way to do that… but seriously? The latest in the jumble of 2018 iPhone news interprets a report in a way that defies common sense and makes things out in the worst possible way for Apple. Sound familiar? Yeah, it unfortunately happens way too often.

Writing for Forbes, Gordon Kelly reveals that “Apple Takes Sizeable Risk With New iPhone X Plus.”

… insider information has revealed a bump in the road which has the potential to upturn Apple’s biggest ever iPhone…

It only has said potential if you forget everything you know about Apple. If, however, you understand the company, you’ll realize what a stretch it is to think Apple is doing anything wrong here.

Bloomberg reports Apple will source OLED panels for its flagship 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus from LG rather than Samsung. The driver behind this is said to be cost, with Apple looking to “gain leverage in price negotiations with Samsung, the sole supplier of OLED displays for the iPhone X”. But the cost could ultimately be felt most by buyers of Apple’s massive iPhone.

Why? Because to date, LG has yet to make a single smartphone OLED display which is not subpar.

Surely Apple decided to go with a subpar display in exchange for price reduction.

Uhh, no, that doesn’t sound like Apple at all. Uluroo can grant the accuracy of this report — he’s not saying he doesn’t believe LG is going to help supply the screens — but he’s not convinced there’s anything to worry about as far as quality goes.

But, there’s good news! Only some of the iPhones will have terrible screens!

Bloomberg states LG is likely to make only a portion of Apple’s new iPhone displays which could result in ‘good and bad’ models and no-way for a customer to know which one they are getting prior to purchase.

And this is precisely why Kelly shouldn’t be concerned. It’s ridiculous to think that Apple would be willing to ship some iPhone X Pluses with lower-quality screens than others. Jony Ive would have an OCD attack. If Apple is willing to let LG supply the screens, it’s more than likely that LG has brought its displays up to par with Samsung’s. Otherwise Apple wouldn’t be considering this move.

Rather than realizing the “good and bad” model scenario is exactly why we don’t need to worry, Kelly makes it out to be a terrible risk for Apple. Because that’s how business works. Clicks equal money.

Uluroo gives Kelly credit for twisting this Bloomberg article from a report on a new supplier to the most attention-grabbing story possible, but he hasn’t achieved much else. If Kelly had considered the facts for any longer than it took him to write this click-generating headline, he would have realized he’s sounding a false alarm.

If Apple is indeed turning to LG for some of the iPhone X Plus displays, it’s far more likely that this is a sign of LG increasing its standards rather than Apple lowering its standards. But yeah, let’s interpret this in the way that makes things look bad for Apple. Which is coincidentally the way we’ll get the most click traffic.

Go ahead, write things and post them on the Internet, but at least try to have your things make a shred of sense.