The Wrong Take on the Apple Event's Opening Video

16 September 2018

Some people, like Inverse's Danny Paez, have gotten the impression that the little video Apple presented at the start of the September 12 keynote — the one set to the ever-legendary Mission: Impossible theme — was actually a tease of new features coming to AirPods in the future.

To start, let's look at the argumentation behind the theory: first, the woman in the video says, "Hey, Siri..." and Siri responds on the AirPods. Second, she runs through some water and makes a lot of splashes and the AirPods are fine. The two features allegedly shown are native Hey, Siri support and some degree of water resistance, both of which have been consistently rumored over the past weeks.

Now, some reasons why this is very, very unlikely:

• There is no way Apple would announce a new device in a fun little video at the start of a keynote. Especially a device that is not mentioned for the rest of said keynote.

• A footnote at the end of the YouTube version of the video says, "Using Siri with AirPods requires compatible Apple devices." What compatible Apple devices, you ask? Just an Apple Watch. And, of course, the woman in the video was wearing an Apple Watch. Hey Siri uses a nearby device's — in this case, an Apple Watch's — microphone.

• The video also shows an Apple executive using an Apple Watch to teleport. Uluroo doubts that feature will be on the table for the next few decades.

• AirPods, in many people's experience, are remarkably durable and are splash resistant to some degree already. The AirPods in the video were not submerged, either, showcasing no real improvement over the current AirPods.

• Water resistance is rumored for a 2019 refresh of the AirPods; this year will supposedly only see improved internals and the new case.

None of this is to say that AirPods won't gain native Hey Siri or better water resistance in the future, but the AirPods shown in the video were just plain old AirPods.