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A quick "about" page

Everyone has a thing: a thing that frequently occupies their mind, a thing that captures their interest. Sometimes that thing turns into a hobby shared with friends, and sometimes it remains personal because it's not a "popular" kind of thing. My thing is technology. I've been captivated by it for as long as I can remember, but I've had few opportunities to do anything about that interest.

In November of 2017, I started this blog. It was the perfect way for me to nerd out about tech in two different ways: by writing about it, and by micromanaging the aspects of a web interface's design. The dual process of hand-coding HTML and writing nerdy things was, and still is, a win-win for me (but believe me, when it started out, this site was ugly as heck). I don't post very often; but I hope everything on here, as a whole, will sum up my philosophy on the design and use of tech.

That philosophy especially includes how information is distributed in the modern age. I believe journalists — in particular, those who are published online — have a massive obligation not to throw their influence around carelessly. Misinformation is far too easy to spread from a single source.

The intersection of technology and online journalism is, unsurprisingly, online journalism about technology. I read far too much inaccurate coverage to leave it all unaddressed. A lot of my writing on here consists of dry, blunt takedowns of low-caliber analysis of tech companies and products. Those responses are written not because I think they have any real influence, but rather to get my thoughts out of my head. I do my best to contribute some of my original thinking as well, so you won't exclusively see my anti-clickbait rants on here.

Whatever it holds, this blog represents a cross-section of the stories that matter to me the most. In all honesty, though, I just write about whatever my fancy selects — and I rarely have any idea what that will be.

I'm also on Twitter, where I'll frequently post some bite-sized bits that don't make it onto this blog.