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A little about me...

I'm an independent web writer. I've been following technology analytically since late 2017, writing about it seriously since mid-2018, and podcasting about it since the end of 2018.

When I first started off, I was what you might call a vigilante patrol on the information superhighway. Upon seeing a particularly distasteful take on technology news, I'd write up a response to it.

Nowadays, my writing is a mix of personal opinion and takedowns of tech journalists' less savory work. Most of it is related to Apple. You can subscribe to my RSS feed if you want an irregular dose of analysis delivered with what I think is a dry wit and a splash of sarcasm.

I like journalistic integrity.

In the golden age of anyone saying whatever the heck they want, "journalistic integrity" is probably one of the less common word pairings you can find. What I realized after a long time examining the underside of modern journalism is that writers need to be held accountable.

Too often, we see people who are paid to give our society information get away with saying crazy things. My belief is that no one should dump an opinion onto the Internet and drive off into the sunset. If you say something, be able and willing to back it up.

I suppose that's the reason I started writing: to do whatever I could to balance the scales of accuracy.

I am at once cynical about and intrigued by the click-driven structure of Internet journalism, its prioritization of sheer volume over true value. Because of my being a technology aficionado, this is where you'll see the intersection of my interests in tech and the machinations of our online world.

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