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12 April 2019

5: The Bundle Is the New AirPower

We're back! On this episode, we discuss Apple's latest hardware and services announcements — and unannouncements.

23 January 2019

4: Officially Rumored

CES ended.

Some stuff from CES: modular TVs, rolling TVs, and questionably named products of questionable utility.

Some weather apps are being bad.

Apple has some new battery cases.

Tim Cook has big plans for Apple's healthcare contributions.

Slack got a new logo.

6 January 2019

3: Portals into Other Dimensions

CES will be filled with lots of pointless things.

Apple's stock isn't doing so hot.

AirPower is MIA.

Lots of Android apps send personal data to Facebook.

Introducing Project Erasmus.

LOL: a clever discovery of the iPhone XS Smart Battery Case.

An awesome implementation of a menu bar on iOS.

31 December 2018

2: Literally Everything That Happened

This time around, we cover some of (but not all of) 2018's biggest Apple news.

Among the topics we discuss are Marzipan, bending iPad Pros, a possible iPad mini update, and more.

We forget to mention AirPower, the new iPhones, and a lot of other things. This is not a comprehensive review of 2018, but oh well.

27 November 2018

1: Technology is Fun, Except for the Internet

Apple had some not-so-great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Their heavily discounted stock hasn't been doing so well, and it's in a neck-and-neck race with MSFT.

Ian Betteridge explains that not every supply chain report is as detrimental as it appears.

Neither of us believes this report that iPhone X production has resumed.

Uluroo's conversation with Ryan Jones and John Gruber on USB-C, AirPods, and inductive charging.